"The Obs" confined: "Our first issue closed outside the walls in 56 years"

The making of reports, behind the scenes of production, editorial conferences… The section “At the heart of the Obs” lets you experience the way your newspaper is built from the inside.As if you were there.

On March 17, at noon, France began to confine itself.In the evening, the editorial staff of "l'Obs" bade farewell to the premises of the Place de la Bourse which have housed it since 1994.She moved to join those of the “Monde”, of “Télérama”, of “Courrier international”, of “La Vie” and of the “Huffington Post”, in the building specially constructed by the Le Monde group on the tracks of the Paris-Austerlitz station, in next to the Jardin des Plantes, opposite the Gare de Lyon.If the boxes and computers have arrived at the Austerlitz site (you will be able to follow the video visit in this section shortly), the employees, confined to their home, will not discover this open space that awaits them and which contrasts so much with the labyrinth of individual offices to which they were used.

The number 2890 (from March 26 to April 1) is exceptional in every way: it was produced with the help of all the departments of the “Obs”.They had to deal, like so many others, with the vagaries of teleworking that shakes up their methods: remote editorial conferences through the Google Hangouts application, sprawling email exchanges, specially created Twitter threads or WhatsApp loops ...

Efficient? Yes, but also sometimes funny.A child passes in the field of the camera to see "the colleagues of daddy", a spouse in teleworking, too, has the ear that drags, three department heads connect to a conference of editorial canceled, the opportunity to comment on the spectacular wallpaper of one and the celadon green color of the furniture of the other ...Journalists, computer scientists, iconographers, editorial secretaries and modelers of "Obs" will tell you what the coronavirus epidemic changes their job.

Posted Date: 2020-10-03

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